We are committed to God’s glory because we are created to be caught up in it alone. Being captivated by God’s glory results in turning our hearts and minds away from our idols and re-ordering our lives around God. We desire to be so captivated by God’s glory that it becomes the ultimate motivation behind everything we do


We are committed to living out of a reconciled relationship with Jesus. He came to us when we were fractured in our relationship with God, and He reconciled us with the Father through His own life, death, and resurrection. Such a radical work of grace demands our life, our soul, and our all.



We are committed to creating a community in which all are treated with equal integrity and respect. This commitment demands a heart and life bent on dying to self and embracing others in humility, selflessness, and love.


We are committed to pursuing intentional relationships because we believe that we were created in the image of a God who exists in relationship. He is one God yet three persons: Father, Son, and Spirit. He has intentionally pursued us from all eternity, reflecting His desire for us to pursue relationships with Him and others.


We are committed to the belief that mercy is the action of love. We cannot claim to love others if our neighbor is suffering alone. This commitment demands knowing the needs of our neighbors and responding according to the love of Christ for us. Also, we will actively pursue mercy and justice for the widow, orphan, poor, and oppressed.