Vision Statement

The vision of the Downtown Church Missions Team is to mobilize the gifts and resources of Downtown Church to preach the gospel in word and action beginning in Memphis and continuing throughout the earth.

Core Values

1. Preaching the gospel in unreached areas – God’s plan has always included blessing for peoples from all ethnicities and we therefore value work that prioritizes people groups with little or no Christian presence.

2. Serving in humility – We recognize all humans are made in God’s image we therefore value the giftedness and insights of all people that we work among. This includes appreciating and developing local leadership wherever we work.

3. Pursuing diversity – The body of Christ was designed to be multi-ethnic and we value ethnic diversity in all we do. 

4. Following the example of Christ – Christ did not serve humans from a distance but came and lived among them. We therefore value ministry that works through relationships. 

5. Empowering individuals and communities – God’s plan has always been for humans to worship him through work. We therefore seek to minister in a way that avoids dependency and promotes the usage of gifts present among individuals and communities. 

6. Serving the most vulnerable – Justice and mercy are near to the heart of God and we therefore seek to love those who are victims of injustice.

7. Ministering by our words and actions – We seek to preach the gospel while also responding to physical and emotional needs. 

8. Managing well the gifts and resources of the church – We seek to minister, whether short-term or long-term, in a way that maximizes the resources of our church body.